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Astrotelescopes 152 now in stock!

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We now have the top rated Astrotelescopes AST152 (aka AR1522) in stock!  We took the basic telescope with its superior lens and upgraded the mechanics. This telescope now has the fit and finish of a high end apochromat but since it is a doublet achro, it sells for a fraction of that price. The paint is improved, the anodization of the metal parts is high gloss and professional and the focuser is replaced with a 2,5" rack and pinion, dual speed Stellarvue focuser. 

We do not have a large quantity of these remaining in stock. Historically, these sell very well after someone posts results on the internet. So we often run out quickly when this happens. It then takes about 90 - 120 days to get more made. So we always encourage people to order these when they are in stock as we do not take advanced orders.

See the Ed Ting comparative review here: http://www.scopereviews.com/page1y.html


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